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Not Over It

By Margaret G. Cahill


Reviewed by Angie Mangino

Rating: 5 stars


Peter Hajek is a New York City detective whose wife has just died.

‘Peter, wait.’ Nick Kistas walked toward him. ‘Welcome back. I hoped I’d see you before I left for patrol.’

‘I’m on my way to find out what cases the captain has for me – I’m looking forward to getting back on the job.’

‘Ease into it. You haven’t given yourself much time.’

‘I’ve been away from work for three months.’

‘I know but Francine died only eight days ago.’

‘I’ve no reason not to be back.’”


An explosion at Grant’s tomb pulls him rapidly back into his work. Solving the case gets him noticed by the mayor, who then requests his help in the murder of a young woman, daughter of someone connected to the mayor.


As Hajek works this case, simultaneously working though his own grief, readers will connect to him as both an exceptional detective and loving widower.


The author writes exceptional dialogue in a quick moving, involved plot, but more significantly, writes a compelling human story to which readers will immediately relate.