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No Time for Love
By JB Miller
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating:  3 stars
Readers meet Chatham, young widow and mother of three children, one of whom is developmentally challenged.  Right from the beginning, readers like and start rooting for Chatham.  Despite the time passed, she is in love and misses her late husband, Peter, as she tries to handle it all as a loving mother with a career in advertising who is overwhelmed with all she does at home, at work, and at her children’s schools.  There is no time for her, let alone time to look for love and moving on in her life.
As the story progresses from this strong start, readers meet the people in Chatham’s life who show more of her personality and daily life.  These people go on the intersect in an intricate story line that at times, however, seems a bit too convenient and unbelievable.  While the characters are interesting, in this reviewer’s opinion they are a bit too shallow.
Despite the need for more depth in the interaction of the characters and the need for a more believable progression in the story, it does move along at a good pace, keeping readers looking to learn more about Chatham along the way to the conclusion.