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Misguided Sensitivity
By Philip Nork
Author House
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating:  3 stars
In these lessons learned from the “fairer sex,” Nork shares his personal experiences with women and what he feels are lessons for all men.
In this book of 36 chapters, each except the last named for women in the author’s life, each chapter shares his personal journey growing up.  Some chapters are poignant and life affirming for communication between the sexes.  Others reflect a male immaturity showing relationships with women through the eyes of a man looking just for sexual gratification.
Taken overall, however, this book does open up much for thought about male/female relationships.  It presents one young man’s journey growing up and his personal recollection of the events and experiences. 
Through male eyes, the author seeks to understand women better.  Toward the end, he finds more of that knowledge he seeks when he is better able to understand and accept himself.  He realizes the search should be not just for relative pleasure, but more so to attain the happiness that is absolute by accepting who he is, and accepting each individual woman for who she is.