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Miracles Love a Believer
By Stacy Manning Casaluci
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating:  5 stars
This reviewer has written many reviews of children’s books for San Francisco/Sacramento Book Review, and is so happy to share this first privately done children’s book review on my website. Miracles Love a Believer is a perfect book to here!
Raised on stories of princesses who lived “happily ever after” only after the handsome prince saves her, this reviewer especially appreciated that this princess story shatters that self-restricting mold.
With beautiful illustrations by Kalpart, this princess goes on a fanciful adventure in her dream.  The message is clearly stated.
“Miracles love a believer,
If you choose to believe,
Anything you imagine,
Can become more than a dream.”
What a wonderful inspiring message to impart to children while they enjoy the delightful fantasy adventure of this princess!  Children will love this book.