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Marital Advice to My Grandson, Joel

How to be a husband your wife won’t throw out the window in the middle of the night.

By Peter Davidson


Reviewed by Angie Mangino

Rating:  4 stars


The book title, dedication page, and chapter sections of this book set the tone of the work.


“This book is dedicated to my grandson, Joel, and his wife, Abby, in honor of your marriage.

Abby- you’re perfect as you are – don’t change a thing.

Joel – you’re a guy, and you can use all the advice and wisdom you can get.”


After sharing the hidden truths about marriage, the major sections include: settling into married life, understanding your wife… and other myths, becoming even more exemplary, in it for the long haul, and the magnificent you.   


In each sub-section the author shares a short story to illustrate the advice, many of them from his own marriage, giving them a special significance from grandfather to grandson. Brief quotes stand out that separate the book for added reinforcement, such as…


“As the Marital Bus rumbles down the highway of life, there cannot be two people wrestling for the steering wheel, or surely the bus will crash. Know when it is your turn to drive, and when it is time to quietly sit in the back seat.”


Not every reader will agree that all women enter marriage to change a man, or that all men must hold back to say only what a women wants to hear to not make his life as a married man miserable.  While some of the advice may contain outdated stereotypical advice, the main idea of the book is an encouragement of the partnership of marriage and of not taking the relationship for granted.  The parts of interpreting “Real Estate Speak” when buying a home, as well as the part of overall sound financial advice, are particularly informative while told in a fun, easily understood way.


Overall, this is book that shows many sides of marriage, with an excellent Winston Churchill quote applied to marriage by the author.


“Never give up, never give up; never, never, never, never quit.”


Readers will enjoy this book, laughing at the humorous way the author imparts his wisdom about marriage to his grandson, and to them.