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Lost Edens
By Jamie Patterson
Beaver’s Pond Press
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating:  4 stars
Writing about emotional abuse is not an easy task, especially when it is a true story.  How does one tell a story to show this when each incident, taken alone, can be interpreted as no big deal?
Lost Edens offers a unique glimpse into the dynamics of manipulative control which, through repetition, gradually damages a person’s self-esteem.  And when the manipulator is someone you love and married, there is an even bigger problem of acceptance of the situation.  Most make defensive excuses for the one loved; taking onto oneself the fault for the problem.
“If only I did this, or if I did that, he wouldn’t be upset.”  “It is all my fault.”  “Why can’t I be a better wife?”  “I’m sorry,” is instinctively said at the first sign of any displeasure.  The downward spiral is so difficult from which to escape.
Jamie Patterson tells her story in a first person narrative that has the reader accompanying her.  Like her family and friends, readers will alternately want to help her; question her defense of him and condemnation of herself; be afraid for her; be angry at him for what he does; be angry at her for taking it; but through all these feelings, readers will root for her until the end for her to finally see what’s really happening in her life and hopefully to find a way to survive to go on to take back her own life.
With realistic characterizations and good dialogue that will keep the reader involved and caring, Lost Edens is a story that needed to be told to show the signs of emotional abuse that cause people to disappear in their own lives for the sake of the other.