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Life is a Balance...It's Not Only About You
By Philip Nork
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating: 4 stars
In Life is a Balance, readers find an older Phil from Misguided Sensitivity, but one of the strengths of this new book is in its presenting a complete story on its own with only the minimum references needed from the first to move the story along without taking away from the first book as a complete pre-story to this book.
Phil tries to start over in Florida, but as is true all too often, changing one’s ways is not an easy task. 
Will Phil change from the superficial search for pleasure in his relationships with the belief that by doing so he is “helping his ladies?”
Will he totally discard his image of “Disco Phil,” or will he settle into a different, but parallel image, that he acquires at the bars and clubs to replace it? 
Is it possible for him to grow into a man capable of commitment to just one person? 
Will he find true love?
Nork answers these questions with a story that contains excellent characterizations and dialogue that make readers care about Phil, rooting for him to attain what appears seemingly impossible for him.