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Letty’s Story
By Leticia
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating:  5 stars

Readers immediately meet five year old Leticia “sleeping peacefully in her bed.”
“…All seemed well on this quiet night on December 7, 1941, for an innocent little girl so unaware of the unstoppable events into which she would soon be plunged, sleeping away the last peaceful seconds of her young life.”
The bombings come and the devastation begins. Skillfully the author has readers’ full interest, propelling them into the hell this child will experience.  As they look for better conditions for this young girl, knowledge of history will foreshadow more trouble to come.
Sensory descriptions bring readers to Manila that horrible day with its aftermath.  Realistic dialogue lets them hear what the child hears as they tap into her thoughts at the time.

The story plunges readers into the experience, keeping them involved throughout the following years, until the satisfying conclusion of this journey from “hell to heaven.”