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Legends of the Lake
By Philip Nork
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating:  4 stars
In Legends of the Lake, Nork has shared a unique look at four generations of family in a backdrop of Chicago, and most especially, a lake in Wisconsin, spanning the years from 1910 into the 1980’s.
Central to the story is Eddie and Connie Kron, the narrator’s great-grandparents, who bought the cabin by the lake.  Readers venture into this summer cottage from the start, watching it change and develop as the family grows and changes.  The cottage on the lake is the visual constant that reflects the roots of this family.
In the true definite of legends, the family story credits Eddie and Connie as the inspiration for many a unique well-known invention and neighbors with an infamous man.  These add a perfect balance of levity to bring a chuckle to readers, while leaving the rare possibility that some of it may actually be true.
What is most important, however, and is the true strength of this work, is the family dynamic.  This is family to which readers can relate, with real dialogue and characterization that truly brings this family to life.
Connie’s favorite quote was, “If it makes you happy, that’s just fine with me.”  This reviewer can almost hear her saying that to readers today who will be happy reading Legends of the Lake.