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Jerry in the Bardo 

Poems By Tsaurah Litzky


Reviewed by Angie Mangino

Rating: 5 stars






Taken individually, each poem is complete within itself, something readers will appreciate.


For example, the first one, titled My Father, immediately captures interest from its very first line.

“My father is openhearted, wants people to like him, is eager to please.

He talks about his prostate with strangers in the supermarket

who seem to find it fascinating, while I, standing beside him,

am turning green.”


Readers can relate to relationships we have with our fathers. When we are little, most of us, especially daughters, idolize our father, placing him high on a pedestal. As we grow up, he slowly loses the footing from such a high place of honor as we gradual see and learn that he is human. When he gets old, needing our care rather than caring for us, the emotional reversal of places is unsettling.


What is especially excellent about this collection of poems is the seamless, progressive connection from the first to the last! Readers read each poem as if chapters of a story, one that is compelling, and maintains the desire to know more, right until the well-done conclusion. They will feel they actually know Jerry from the heartfelt realistic approach the author uses in crafting the story in poems, and will appreciate this collection as the work of art that it is.