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Jack and the Jungle Lion
By Stephen Jared
Moon Picture Classics
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating:  4 stars
Set in 1937, Jack and the Jungle Lion brings readers back to a time of the bigger-than-life heroic movie stars like Jack Hunter.  In his films, Jack is the idol of young and old, loved by the women and looked up to by the men.  He is the epitome of the Golden Age of Hollywood charm.
Jack’s real persona, however, does not match, and falls far short of, the idolized movie picture version.  A plane crash in the Amazon on the way to a movie set with the animal trainer, Maxine Daniels, causes this personal contradiction to confront Jack.  
In an emotionally charged combination of humor, daring, fear, success, and failure, Jared brings readers on a fast paced and very human adventure with Jack and Maxine that they will enjoy traveling right up to the very last page.