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Indaesous and the Mist of Sand
By aSaint
(Alison St John)
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating:   4 stars
“Keep these unharmed.”
“What are they?”
“Les Mos, the Mist of Sand.”
With these words the author brings readers into Indaesous and the Mist of Sand, the first book in the Indaesous series.
Here readers meet Prince Alexander, son of King Ortlund, at Lator Palace.  The king has given permission for the young prince to travel to Barein Cliffs, home of the Breeders, to obtain a pair of Indaesous from Franco and Leiloni.  We travel with Alexander, not only on his physical journeys, but also on his growth journeys determining his place in the Lator Kingdom, both now and for the future.
What this reviewer found intruding, however, was the handling of passage of time, flashbacks and locations. Developing time and location within the text of the story would have kept readers immerged in the captivating world of the story, rather than being pulled out with each time or place change by telling with titles, such as “Present Day- Lator Palace” or “Decades Ago.”
The story, however, compensates for these interruptions by being one of a trip into a fantasy world that comes across with the realistic interaction and dialogue of its characters.  The plot holds the readers’ interest, and ends well, with just enough information to spur curiosity to learn more in the next book of the series.