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I Was Never Afraid

By Scott Baker Sweeney


Reviewed by Angie Mangino

Rating:  5 stars


Beginning with a young girl curled up on her mattress in a dreary asylum room, the author quickly pulls readers into the story.


When readers meet Carolina Paige in her apartment, they immediately connect with this journalist who works at the Denver Post.  And when her editor, Marty Whitten, gives her a first shot at a major assignment, her excitement has her diving full force into the lead, unaware of the tangled route she was on, or of the danger that she would meet along the way.


The extremely realist dialogue and excellent characterizations keep readers involved every step of the way. The action keeps them rapidly following along, unwilling to stop reading.  Excellent supporting characterizations of Arthur Higgins, Karl Kaleido, Luis Francisco Vargas, Diego Morales, Bruce Watt, Inspector Miller and Elizabeth and James Sanders heighten and maintain interest, with a touch of the mystical adding yet another dimension throughout.


Learning of the real Rebecca at the end of the book adds even more to the experience of this outstanding novel. The author’s inspiration for this work of fiction was his late cousin Rebecca Jane Wilson.  She became the first female cyclist to ride solo across the US in 1967.   Her quoted response to a reporter’s question about any fear after this accomplishment is the appropriately chosen title, “I was never afraid.”