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Hotel Moscow

By Talia Carner


Reviewed by Angie Mangino

Rating: 5 stars







It’s September 30, 1993 when Brooke Fielding disembarked at the Moscow airport.


“The significance of the moment billowed in Brooke’s chest: She, an American, was arriving in Russia mere twenty-one months after the collapse of communism.”


This daughter of Holocaust survivors was there to help Russian women by sharing her business expertise in a group formed by her friend Amanda Cheng. Yet arriving stirred up other more personal emotions.


Russia, I’m returning on behalf of all my millions of nameless fellow Jews lost on your soil. You didn’t destroy us, after all. She lifted her head. I’m here.


While in Russia, she sees things she never could phantom, testing her from the very first problem getting out of the airport to meet her group, to the entire stay and possibly impossible return home. The women she meets teach her as much as she teaches them.


Readers will relate to Brooke from the very start, continuing with her to see a shocking side of Russia in 1993 after the collapse of communism. The author’s expert writing develops the story with excellent characterization and dialogue, keeping readers engaged throughout the novel.


Insights, interviews, and a reading group guide at the end of the book share the factual experiences forming the backbone of this fictional work that further enhances the experience of this story for readers, making it one that will stay with them.