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Homage to Stretcher Bearer
By Gideon Tolkowsky
Inkwater Press
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating:   4 stars
“Words, intellect’s cherished arsenal, are inseparable from physical reality.  Words impact, and are impacted by that which produces them, by that which conveys them, by that which stores them, and by that which they describe.”
“When one writes a piece of text, one reproduces the whole process of evolution of humankind.”
Tolkowsky’s text is one of evolution.  It begins with the two sensations of oneness: East and West; Buddha and Moses; philosophical and psychological; extrovert and introvert; truth and I.  In a book that expands upon the concept to how we oscillate between the two, he gives readers much to ponder as to what point we are evolving and to what we must do to achieve a balance to tackle the dilemmas of life both philosophically and psychologically.
It is not until the epilogue that readers discover the meaning of the title of paying Homage to Stretcher Bearer.
This book is not a quick read with the sound of the book comparable to that of a textbook, but worth the effort, since it gives much to consider, reflect on, and absorb.