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Hidden Treasure

By Alice McDowell PhD


Reviewed by Angie Mangino

Rating: 5 stars


“There must be something more…”


“…Well, there is something more – and this book will show in a clear, straightforward way how you can break through those stuck areas of your life so you can find it.”


The author begins on a personal note from her own experience to guide readers into searching for the Hidden Treasure of the something more in our lives if we make the effort to discover it.


All of life experiences contribute to the unique character structure that we show to the world. Yet the structure we present is not our true selves. When we connect to our true selves is when we experience inner peace; but to find this true self takes work.


“Doing this work helps you realize who you are not. Such awareness sends you on a journey to discover who you truly are.”


Using stories from students throughout, the author gives concrete examples that bring the theoretical concepts to life helping readers to better understand them. Images and cartoons further enhance the ideas.


A character structure questionnaire helps highlight chapters that will be most relevant to the reader as the chapters that follow are individually directed to each of the five structures: schizoid, oral, masochist, psychopathic, and rigid.


The author concludes this encouraging book with what to do now, followed by two appendices to help become aware of your idealized self-image, shadow, and true self, and to help with active imagination and inner child work.