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Hacked Again

By Scott N. Schober


Reviewed by Angie Mangino

Rating: 5 stars






In our digitally connected world today, everyone faces the dangers of cyberattacks and credit fraud.  If a cyber security expert can be hacked, what hope is there for any of us?


The author offers an answer to that question from his personal experience, as well as from his expertise, in this down-to-earth, easy to read and to understand book.


Divided into four parts, with a helpful glossary at the end to clarify for the non-expert reader, the book offers both information to have the necessary knowledge for awareness and practical tips for protection.


The author explains in his introduction what readers can expect.


“In Part 1, I share my candid story of how my small business was the victim of repeated cyberattacks and how I quickly learned that noting is truly secure. In Part 2, I share best practices to help you protect your identity, business, personal data, and finances by using specific measures, both preventative and remedial. Part 3 is designed to help you stay safe in the challenging and always changing digital world without losing hope or sight of what’s truly important. In par 4, I tally the major breaches that have made the headlines over the past several years and how they affect us all.”


Readers will find after finishing the book that the author delivers on his promises.


This book is unique in demystifying the professional jargon that most cybersecurity experts speak to each other. The author writes in a conversational, storytelling manner to alert readers of the vulnerabilities while letting them know what they can do to safeguard themselves.