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By JB Miller
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating: 4  stars
What the author accomplishes best in this book is the compiling of a significant amount of information and links in one place for job seekers, whether unemployed, or working while looking for a career change.
Job seekers get help defining their dream job, and learn how to find it.  They look at what kind of seeker they are, and how best to go about the task.  Topics covered include social media, the cover letter, resume, interviews, and how, when, and where to follow up, as well as the perfect voicemail. 
Thelinks for all of the resources are in one place for easy reference and use.  As a bonus, the author provides a list of leading companies in many industries to give inspiration for companies to consider in one’s job search. 
These are broken into the categories of: consumer, retail, telecommunications, industrial, media, technology, real estate, cloud computing, software, Non Profit organizations, construction, business services, airlines, consulting, advertising, graphic design, staffing, film & entertainment, travel & tourism, transportation, natural resources, fitness, healthcare services, life sciences, automotive, restaurants, apparel, semiconductors, private equity, defense, legal services, investment banking, and venture capital, providing a wide range of fields to assist in the job search.
The author states, “HIRED!  is not filled with fluff or hyperbole.  It has been condensed to give you the essentials.  The chapters are purposefully short so that you can use HIRED! as a quick reference.”
This reviewer believes the author has kept to that promise.