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Growth and Change Are Highly Overrated

By Tom Starita


Reviewed by Angie Mangino

Rating:  4 stars


Readers immediately meet Lucas James in the first chapter that the author wrote from a first person point of view.  Chapter two continues, heavily indulgent in I’s, me’s, and my’s.  Self-centered and selfish? That’s the most obvious first impression Lucas James gives.


When he stays self-absorbed, why keep reading chapter 3 through 43 with such an unlikeable protagonist? 


The author hints to the attraction right at the beginning.


“What’s to come will always make sense. It might not be the sense you’re accustomed to. There may be times when you may not entirely agree with my sense. You may prefer to call it nonsense.”


This “nonsense,” however, holds more sense than anticipated once readers approach this satire understanding the exaggeration and ridicule that it is, appreciating the author’s well done execution of this style of writing.


The author keeps readers reading with his humorous writing approach. He rambles at times, but that only enhances the satire. He holds readers to continue, nonetheless, since on these pages are glimpses of people they know, and maybe even shades of themselves.