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Gospel Choir Murder

By Marietta Harris


Reviewed by Angie Mangino

Rating: 4 stars


A foreshadowing of murder grabs readers before the first chapter begins.


“On a hot day in Las Vegas August 15, the housekeeper at the Circus hotel knocks on the door of Room 1205, but no one answers….There was a nude body on the bloody bed with a knife protruding from the neck.”


In the first chapter readers meet Evelyn Jenkins, member of the Gospel Choir at Gabriel Missionary Baptist Church of Oakland, California, and learn the celebrated choir will be going on tour.


The stage is set for the choir to confront the murder. “Pastor Watson had scheduled concerts in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and San Diego.”


But, before that happens, readers first meet and get to know the “nine choir members, two deacons, two musicians and Jessie, the choir director” who will be on tour.


The author uses the first quarter of the story to slowly familiarize readers with their varied personalities, while gradually introducing clues needed when the murder takes center stage in Chapter 12, to right until the story’s satisfying resolution at the end.