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Gooseberry Island
By Steven Manchester
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating: 5 stars
Readers meet David as he suggests a quiet evening to his date Allison so they can really get to know each other. She’d rather dance. As the night progresses, a week before David must leave for military service, she suggests playing the field and seeing other people.
She’s just done me the biggest favor ever, he realized.”
Meanwhile, when readers meet Lindsey Wood, she is with her father Denis, a decorated Operation Desert Storm veteran, as he has a nightmare asleep in his recliner.
Please wake up, Dad, she thought, knowing that if she attempted to roust him from his nightmares, there was a very good possibility that he’d attack her --- instantly, violently.”
David’s and Lindsey’s paths will cross when he goes for a run on the beach, where readers follow the beginning of their challenge packed journey, emotionally involved from the start.
Manchester’s skill in developing the characters, his excellent use of dialogue and his impeccable talent in telling a meaningful story will capture readers.

This reviewer was particularly impressed with his telling a deeper parallel story of returning veterans along with the fate of David and Lindsey. This is a book that readers will enjoy, as well as one that will enlighten them to the realities that face veterans returning from combat.