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Free Gifts Every Day
By Tanya Guerrier
Benevolent Butterfly Press
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating:  4 stars
A short practical easy-to-read guide, Free Gifts Every Day helps readers approach a higher spiritual source through a combination of the teachings of ancient philosophers, spiritual leaders and the law of attraction.
Since happiness is an emotion it comes and goes in our lives, never permanent since the ups and downs of life is what makes us human.  Guerrier realized for herself the gifts in life to be used daily as a key to happiness and shares with readers how to connect back to God and have a spiritual relationship with a being higher than ourselves.  When she writes of a relationship with God, she speaks not necessarily in the form of any religion, believing how it is organized religion that pushes people away from God, but rather more importantly in a personal relationship that is sustained daily through that connection, providing each day the gifts needed most.
The end pages of the book provide a “my thoughts” section with adequate space to journal one’s individual search for happiness through this connection with recognition of the particular daily gifts one receives in one’s own life.
Free Gifts Every Day offers that guidance.