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Five Star Review

By G.L. Rockey


Reviewed by Angie Mangino

Rating:  4 stars


“Dear Author,

Thanks for the opportunity to view your work, unfortunately it doesn’t work for us.

Lynn Smith, Knight Publishing”


When the story begins, it’s Monday, March 15th, Heather’s 25th birthday. She’s reading this email rejection of her first novel, Behind Cloistered Walls, written after she left the Sisters of Perpetual Mercy.


In chapter two, readers briefly meet Joseph Hartman, book editor/reviewer of the Pittsburgh Gazette. The stage is set for the interaction of the two main characters, but that development takes a slow start.  Initially this reviewer found it difficult to relate to the characters, Heather, in particular.


Patience, however, provided the reward as the author eventually presented exceptional development of her character, capturing readers to root for Heather on both her writing and personal goals. Her immortal soul depended upon her success. As readers learn more about Joseph, he becomes less shallow and more likable, with his interactions with Heather growing into a story that readers will quickly devour until its satisfying conclusion.