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Five Star Fraud
By Margaret G. Cahill
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating:   5 stars
When corporate profits overtake social responsibility and potentially endanger people’s lives because of a safety issue, protagonist Neil Landers questions risking it all to do the right thing.  While it may be the right thing to do, was it the right thing for him to do?
“I am a scientist, not a police officer.  I’m not any kind of enforcer, and I do not want to be one,” he thinks to himself as he struggles between concern over what he learned at work and just wanting to do his work.
In Five Star Fraud, Cahill propels readers into Landers’ apprehension as thoroughly as she had readers enter his life from the very beginning of the book.  Her realistic characterizations have readers walking alongside Landers, meeting who he meets, learning what he learns, and feeling the consequences he feels.  Dialogue is superb, and the action keeps readers engaged from page one until the end, leaving them hungry for the epilogue page to know what later became of each character in this timely and frighteningly believable novel.