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Finding Aster
By Dina McQueen
Inkwater Press
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating:   4 stars
Dina McQueen’s memoir chronicles her journey to motherhood through the adoption of their daughter Aster in Ethiopia.  She and her husband Brian travel to parenthood with all the emotions biological parents experience with the apprehension and anxiety surrounding adoption, especially an international adoption, added to the mix.
“…future parents are required to prove their suitability to state agencies tasked with overseeing that adopted children will be placed in ‘good’ homes,” the author shares in the foreword. 
The question she raises next is an insightful reflection on parenting,  " (Shouldn’t all children adopted or otherwise, be afforded such protections?)”
Her insights continue throughout this story of adopting Aster, indicative of the love that set them on the road to becoming her parents.  After the conclusion of this interesting personal narrative, the authe9or ads appendixes giving the facts about infertility and adoption combined with a discussion on overpopulation, that adds even more to the book’s value for the reader.