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Fairly Safe

By Deborah Ann Davis


Reviewed by Angie Mangino

Rating: 5 stars

Second in the Love of Fairs series, this book even surpasses the very good Fairly Certain which began the series.


Here the prologue introduces readers to eleven-year-old William in 1938 at a carnival.


“The lure of the unfamiliar drew the young trespasser deeper into the commotion. Abandoning the concealment of the tent, William crept deeper into the magnificent foreign world.”


Chapter one brings readers to 1998 to Lenny’s Livery to meet 21-year-old Jacob Kent, a driver, as well as an older William, looking to book a limousine and driver for a trip to Massachusetts.


This simple encounter sets Jacob and William on a course that will intertwine their divergent lives unpredictably. As to be expected, various fairs are the backdrop to a compelling and mystifying journey for the two of them.


The writing is superb, the plot intricate and compelling, and the characterizations throughout this fast moving story will pull at readers’ hearts.