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Fairly Certain
By Deborah Ann Davis
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating:  4 stars
When Petir Capota’s two childhood friends, now college roommates, Chris and Jimmy, are unable to go with him geodashing, Petir resolves to go alone for the team’s sake.

As the glossary explains, “Geodashing is a race that interfaces the internet with real life. A computer randomly generates dashpoints from all over the world, and competitors (individual or team) try to physically reach as many as they can within the time limit.”

Petir’s plan to spend time in nature, and raise their team’s ranking, takes unexpected turns when he gets lost and climbs a tree to search for the road out of the woods. All of which leads to a compelling story that has readers wondering with Petir if it could really be happening to him.

Enter Maid Rianne, and Petir doesn’t care anymore what is real as she becomes the center of his focus and desire.

As the story progresses in many directions, readers caught in the action and emotions, with Petir will become totally involved, real or not. A satisfying conclusion rewards them for taking the leap of faith as the author skillfully captures continued interest throughout the telling of this first tale in the Love of Fairs series.