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Eva's Kitchen Confidence
By Eva Kende
This is not your typical cookbook as the introduction to this book best explains:
“Cooking is not just following recipes: To cook well and enjoy doing it, it is absolutely essential to understand the basic methods, so that you can apply them to those recipes surreptitiously torn from magazines at the doctor's office, collected from friends or contained in the glossy cookbooks on your shelf. Understanding the methods will give your cooking flair and flexibility. Thus you will eventually develop a style of your own.”
As the readers are admonished to get their 'nose out of the recipe and into the pot,' Kende teaches cooking through the senses. The eyes look for color and texture. The nose must be aware of odors, both for blending of ingredients and for detecting any burning. The ears listen to the food cook, where hissing tells the heat is too high. The sense of touch is needed for texture, while taste is essential to assure the flavor.
Where was this book when I was a newlywed so totally lost and insecure in the kitchen? After 27 years, I have developed a style of my own, yet I still learned new things from Eva's Kitchen Confidence.  This book belongs in every kitchen.
Inscriptions Book Reviews Nov 16, 1999. Reviewed by Angie Mangino