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By J. Cafesin


Reviewed by Angie Mangino

Rating:  4 stars


Rachel Cohen, 33, single and childless in Los Angeles in 1991, places a personal ad to stifle her loneliness. Her intuition cautions her when first speaking to Lee Messer, but when they actually meet, she silences it.


“Conversation came easily, without hesitation or awkward silences. We kept it mostly light, talked about favorite shows, movies, books, our interests. We had an even exchange, his focused attention and continual barrage of questions fully engaging.”


The author immerses readers into Rachel’s life, keeping them engaged in her story. A backdrop of the news of Rodney King and subsequent conditions in Los Angeles at the time intensifies the setting. Realistic dialogue makes readers privy to an intimate connection to Rachel, carrying them to both the high points and to the depths of despair she experiences.


The author shares a story to which readers can relate, acting as a thought provoking reflection on connections and disconnections in all of our lives.