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Cracks in the Sidewalk
By Bette L. Crosby
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating:   5 stars
Cracks In the Sidewalk begins with readers meeting Claire McDermott in 2006, immediately setting the tone for this compelling story.
“I’m an old woman now.  Some might say too old to dream, too old to still believe in miracles.”
However, a miracle does take place for Claire in the form of a letter she receives from her grandson, Christian.  This unexpected, but much longed for letter, reestablishes a lost connection that occurred over twenty years prior at the death of her daughter, Elizabeth.
Crosby then brings readers back to 1984 where the family dynamics unfurls, giving insights into each member with excellent character development.  The dialogue is real, giving readers witness to the family’s lives and events, leading up to a return to May 2006 to see if Claire and Christian can actually reconnect the long separated family.
Written well, with a realistic, compassionate telling, Cracks In the Sidewalk will bring readers into the family, happy to be a part of it.