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Chill Run
By Russell Brooks
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating: 3 stars

The prologue plunges readers immediately into this action-packed story set in North Hatley, Quebec.
“Eddie Barrow, Jr. didn’t remember feeling the bullet tear into his shoulder…It was only supposed to be a stupid and harmless publicity stunt.  No one was supposed to die.”
Set in Montreal, Quebec four days earlier, chapter one introduces readers to Eddie, Corey, and Jordyn as the story develops into an involvement in “the biggest investment-fraud scandal in Canadian history,” and “…three people were dead.”
The dialogue is genuine, authentic with its colloquialisms and street language, with the characterization making the young people real to readers.  The story is a good one, but would have been stronger had the narration followed the actions in realism.  Some circumstances are a bit too convenient and easily predictable.  

However, despite this minor flaw, the novel is one that will hold reader interest and concern for the characters to its conclusion.