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Cheat River Three
By Scott Baker Sweeney
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating: 5 stars
Starting in Southern Pennsylvania in 1946 where readers first meet 10-year-old Eugene Briggs and his best friends, James Wilson and Katrina Garretson, Cheat River Three shares their unique bonding for life.  Readers go from their childhood seeking of buried gold to all of life’s divergent paths for them. 
They have different personalities and different goals, but their kinship of the heart can never be broken.  Sweeney developed the setting, theme, and plot as strongly as the friendship of the three, keeping the reader engulfed in the story. 
With characters that the reader will love, and their conversations written as if the reader is right with them hearing them speak, readers will both laugh and cry with this expertly tailored novel. 
Cheat River Three shares not only a good story, but also shares a view of friendship elevated to the level only true friendship can attain to sustain friends throughout all the twists and turns of life.