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Chasing Backwards
By Arthur Smukler
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating: 4 stars
With excellent characterization, Smukler presents a story that gets readers to care what happens to the characters.  The character of Joe Belmont especially captured this reviewer. 
Readers will follow him at the police station concerning the murder of his mother.  They see him as a boy in a pediatric hospital, and at the neighborhood in Philadelphia.  Joe, a medical student, becomes a man in love, as well as a target for unknown killers.
Full of action, intrigue, and gradually introduced clues, Chasing Backwards goes beyond the typical murder mystery with a psychological subset in the story that delves deeper into another mystery to solve Joe Belmont’s past.
To go forward in his life, he additionally must go backwards, to find the truth needed to resolve the current upheaval in his life.
The dialogue is realistic.  The characters are believable.  The flow of the story keeps readers involved, anxious to discern the truth in the ever-new discoveries that Joe makes along the way.