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The Case of the Ex Who Plotted Revenge

By Georgann Prochaska


Reviewed by Angie Mangino

Rating: 5 stars


This third mystery in the Snoopypuss series earns yet another five star rating, something this reviewer does not give out indiscriminately.


In The Case of the Girl Who Didn’t Smile, the first mystery, Lena Vincenti discovers and reads a child’s diary stuffed in a doll, and immediately calls her friend Alice Tricklebank. The two retired widows decide to take a road trip, determined to unravel the mystery uncovered.


Next in The Case of the Hound Who Didn’t Stayclues from the past intermingle with those in the present, as readers meet Audrey, a bloodhound Alice adopted, after someone dumped her in Alice’s small town of Limekiln.


Now in The Case of the Ex Who Plotted Revenge Phil Greer, Lena’s ex-husband, is out of jail and back in Limekiln looking for revenge against three people: his ex-partner, Lena, both for not lying to keep him out of jail, and Alice who he resented for not keeping her “snoopy puss” out of his business.


To her credit, the author provides just enough background in this third mystery of the series to allow readers to enjoy this as a stand-alone story, while satisfying previous readers with a continuation of previous stories with the focus now on Phil.


“Phil Greer walked out the prison door with all the swagger a man in his sixties could call up… His bones ached from sleeping in prison beds for forty months… Someone needs to pay for my years of missed opportunities.”


The author’s excellent descriptions, enriched characterizations, and realistic dialogue keep readers involved in the absorbing mystery.