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The Case of the Hound Who Didn’t Stay

By Georgann Prochaska


Reviewed by Angie Mangino

Rating: 5 stars


In this second Snoopypuss mystery, readers again find Alice Tricklebank and her friend Lena Vincenti involved in small town gossip that enables them to assist the police.  In this well done stand-alone story they are involved in solving crimes both current and past.


It begins in July 1976 with a scene of a young girl tormented by two boys, and then quickly leaps to August 2013 with Alice summoned by a young woman of Dingle Grove.  Advised by the police to contact Alice, she asks for help to find her grandfather.


Here readers learn of Audrey, a bloodhound Alice adopted, who was dumped in her small town of Limekiln.


“The hound was young – not yet a year old – and her training was incomplete in spite of their daily walks and hide-and-seek games.”


Was Audrey ready for a real challenge?


Was Alice?


“Sometimes Alice caught her own loopy gray curl reflection in the mirror, and she questioned her own stamina. What was she doing in her retirement, wrestling with a bloodhound, training her for rescue missions?”


Excellent characterizations and dialogue keep readers involved in this story. Clues from the past intermingle with those in the present, making for an interesting and absorbing mystery to solve. Readers will not be disappointed.