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Can’t Sit Still
By Christopher Levine
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating: 3 stars
Here is how Levine, the author of “Eclectiblogs- Weekly Meanderings for Music Head Consumption “describes the goal of his book.
“What this book is going to attempt do in its various chapters is to help bridge the gap between the work of artists from when they were the most popular to the masses to…in many cases…their later work that if given a chance is often as good or better than what you might know from radio listening alone.”
While this reviewer believes Levine has put together information that speaks to his goal, the actual writing coming in as less than 12,500 words makes it more a collection of blog posts as opposed to a book. 
This is not only because of length, which contains only a little more than 50 pages of text, but also because the cohesiveness of a book from start to finish is only lightly accomplished.  That said, the definitions and pictures that begin each of the ten chapters, introduction, table of contents, about the author page, and index ups the total page count to 75, making this within the parameters of e-book length. 
The author shares his opinion with insights into the musical work of an eclectic range of musical artists, such as David Bowie, the Beach Boys, the Beatles, Radiohead, Neil Young, Prince, the Rolling Stones, Pat Boone and more, making for an interesting read.  
If readers are looking for an eclectic mix of musical artists, this is a good, short e-book to explore.