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Broken Wing
By Anna Klay
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating: 4 stars

A tarot card of the Magician precedes chapter one, as other tarot cards precede subsequent chapters.  To those versed in tarot cards, these may hold a deeper significance, but even without knowing the meaning, the cards themselves accent the story.
In chapter one, readers will meet Ray Long driving alone in his car.
“A toolbox, centered on the floorboard below the passenger seat, held the only dream he’d ever owned, but Ray never thought his dream would end up being covered in a film of blood. In the glove box was the Smith and Wesson .22 pistol, a souvenir to remind him of what he’d done. And now the slithering snakes were penned up deep within the crevices of his mind, and he pretended he was flying away like a bird as he pressed down on the accelerator with no destination in mind.”
Wanting a drink, he stops on Main Street in the small town of Pettington.
The Empress tarot card graces chapter two, introducing Skye Roosevelt, who works at The Spiritual Gate, watching Ray, an obvious new face for this town of 500. 

The author’s use of dialogue is well done, giving readers entry through conversations into the lives of the two protagonists, as well as to the others in Skye’s life.  Is it possible for Ray to break the cycle of abuse that had encircled him?  What will life hold for Skye? The story holds interest as events propel it to its conclusion.