FREELANCE WRITER providing quality service since 1995 - ANGIE MANGINO  journalist / book reviewer
Reading books are a writer’s passion.
Doing book reviews is something I enjoy tremendously.
A former Catholic Press Association Book Awards judge and book reviewer for Inscriptions Magazine, ForeWord and Atlantic Publishing Company, I currently am an independent contractor doing reviews for Sacramento Book Review/ San Francisco Book Review, as well as doing private book reviews for individual authors and publicists.
FTC Disclosure
I find doing book reviews both interesting and enriching to my own writing and review both fiction and non-fiction. As a freelance writer, my writing deadlines and work always take priority, but I have found a workable schedule that allows me the pleasure of doing book reviews, too.
Freelancing as a reviewer, the pay has varied from $20-$50 per review, to no payment except for a copy of the book and mutual online promotion. I do not review eBooks unpaid since it keeps me at the computer working to read it rather than relaxing with a book in my hand.
I really do believe that writers should help each other, so for authors who contact me with a book that interests me, I leave it to their budget and discretion as to how much or whether they pay me for doing a review.
Whether paid or unpaid, I will only write an honest review based on my opinion of the book on a 5 star system. My site holds both paid and unpaid reviews and payment does NOT get a better review.
Critique service of unpublished manuscripts
Every book is different. So, too, is every unpublished manuscript.
Rates for this service will take into account amount of work needed, as well as the author’s budget, to determine a fair price for both of us.
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for a personalized evaluation of what I can do to help.