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Baffled By Love

By Laurie Kahn


Reviewed by Angie Mangino

Rating: 4 stars

In the introduction the author, a trauma therapist who specializes in the treatment of survivors of childhood abuse, informs readers of the substance of this book.


“When they were children, my clients were abused by someone they believed to be trustworthy – someone who professed to love them. … Love is why they come to therapy. Love is what they want, and love, they report, is not going well.”


In these true stories of her clients, Kahn shows their struggle and resolve to unearth what prevents them from loving and being loved. In writing their story an element of memoir creeps in unexpectedly for the author.


“Yet over time I came to realize that intertwining my own stories with my clients’ was more honest and human. …At times, we are all baffled by love.”


This honesty and humanity gives the book its greatest strength. Readers are not reading clinical problems, but rather are involved with the personal look at the interaction of therapist and clients. By getting to know and relate to the people, perhaps discovering bits of themselves in the process, readers find that they need not be “baffled by love.”