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And They Can Cook, Too! In the Kitchen with Wordbeams Authors
by Angie Mangino
With eighty recipes from thirty-one Wordbeams authors and three members of Wordbeams' staff, this cookbook offers a variety of taste treats from all parts of the United States and several other countries. This cookbook is not your regular cookbook.
Yes, there are different ideas in all cooking categories: appetizers / snacks / light meals, main dishes, breads / rolls / muffins, and desserts / sweets. This book is distinctive in that it includes short excerpts from each author's books at the beginning of their recipe, complete with links to the author's home page or email address. There are also links to the recipes for quick access.
So not only are there treats for the stomach, there are treats for the mind as one explores two sides of the authors. These recipes prove that the writers can cook, too.
Here are two quick, teasing tastes from the book. Zoey's Tomato Brushetta is a great appetizer or light meal that is easy to put together quickly, but the literary excerpt from "Tending the Garden of Your Mind" nourishes the soul even more with its explanation as to why it's not selfish to treat oneself well. Unbelievably Healthy Pepperoni & Grease Carry Out Pizza details a hysterical, but healthful, technique to "prepare" this main dish.
The introduction by the publisher, Susan Bodendorfer, tells even more about the authors. They can write. They can cook. They have wonderful hearts. In Bodendorfer's words, the book is dedicated to "the diverse community of women and children suffering at the hands of abusive partners and / or parents and striving to escape domestic violence." Bodendorfer includes a link to Raphael House of Portland, Oregon, for more information on the work done there.
All of the proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to Raphael House. That fact alone, especially when coupled with the nominal price, is reason enough to purchase the book. That it is an excellent book only enhances the desire to add it to one's cookbook collection. 
Reviewed by: Angie Mangino | January/February 2001