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All I Ever Wanted Was To Be Called Mom

By Steve and Vaso Petrou


Reviewed by Angie Mangino

Rating: 3 stars


The prologue introduces readers to the authors, who share why they wrote this book.


“Hi, my name is Steve and my wife’s name is Vaso. We are your average couple, working and paying our bills. This is our story of wanting to have a baby. The procedures we went through and the disappointments. The successes we had and the pain and heartache. Our journey is one of pain, despair and hope…Even if only one couple benefits from reading our journey we shall consider it a success.”


Unable to conceive, the couple went through IVF treatments, and in this book intimately share that one and a half year that “can test the mettle of any couple.”


Written in first person, the authors write this book in conversation with readers. While this approach can make for an especially compelling connection with readers, the extreme overuse of the word “I” and “we” throughout the entire book was glaring, taking away from the impact stronger writing would have harnessed.


For example, the book begins in the very first paragraph of six sentences with the word “I” appearing seven times. Subsequent chapters throughout the book continue this blatant overuse. . Empathy would be stronger with more showing, rather than a consistent telling with insufficient dialogue. This reduces an extremely powerful story in its presentation, slowing the reading, and not eliciting the emotional impact as strongly.


That said, it is an important, emotional sharing of the couple’s quest for a baby. The wanting to share and to help others with their story does come across completely, which is this book’s greatest strength, and which may keep readers reading despite its flaws.


This reviewer’s opinion is that if the execution of the book had been stronger and more professional, it would earn a higher rating. As published, however, this reviewer can only conclude that it is a good book with great potential to be of help to others.