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Adventures of the Tornado Kid
By Rakesh Malhotra
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating:  4 stars
Two-thirds children’s book, and one-third extended parent’s guide, Adventures of the Tornado Kid offers the five global values Malhotra realized are the main factors determining human behavior across all cultures.
Living responsibility, compassion, integrity, peace, and love is what produces a positive effect for parents and their children.  The parent guide defines each value, provides quizzes to test the child’s comprehension of the story illustrating this value, and includes four part activities that puts each value into action.
The story begins with James and his friend Alisha on James’ eleventh birthday and the tornado that strikes their neighborhood on that day.  The two young people change their town, their parents, and their families in a moving story that keeps readers wanting to know what happens next.
While children may find the story a bit idealistic and different from their personal experiences, they will identify with the disappointment, worry, family dynamics, and encouraging support between friends that are a part of their lives.
Parents and children who do share this book together have much to gain.