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Adrift in the Sound
By Kate Campbell
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating:  5 stars
Having reviewed Between the Sheets, an inside look of the editing process of publishing Adrift in the Sound, this reviewer began reading with very high expectations for excellence in Campbell’s novel. 
She did not disappoint!
The protagonist, Lizette Karlson, captures readers immediately.
“’SO … YOU’RE HERE.’  Einar Karlson spoke to her through the screen door on the back porch.  ‘When did you get out?’”
Immerged immediately in the story, readers hunger for answers that Campbell progressively supplies as the story unfolds, offering the right amount of hints and circumstances to keep them absorbed in the story.
Set in Seattle in 1973, with realistic characters that portray the unsettling times as they were then, how will Lizette survive?  Or will she?  What really matters? 
Campbell leads readers to an ending that both satisfies and challenges.