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Addict Nation
By Jane Velez-Mitchell and Sandra Mohr
Health Communications, Inc.
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating:   5 stars
“Addiction, by definition, is being powerless to say no to a particular substance or behavior that generally gives you a quick hit of pleasure, but which often results in long-term pain or other negative consequences.”
Have we become a nation of addicts? Addict Nation presents a powerful argument to support that we have, and its intent is to be an intervention for America.  An addict can recover only after fully accepting that the addiction is a problem.  While in denial, the addict’s down-spiraling pattern can only just continue.
Told in a down-to-earth, easily understandable, factual way, Addict Nation works to present the problem with eleven major addictions:  consumption, pharmaceuticals, tech, celebrity, sex, crime, incarceration, procreation, food, cleanliness, and war.  Readers who honestly explore this book will most likely find themselves in one or more of these addictions at various levels of compulsion. 
“Addiction creates enormous demand, and there are massive profits in supplying what we crave.  The more widespread an addiction gets, the more it seems normal.”
This reviewer believes readers will see that they are not alone as well as how manipulation is ongoing into the addictive lifestyles in our nation, challenging our freedom and our happiness.  This is a book for Americans to read and digest.