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A Vision of Angels
By Timothy Jay Smith
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating: 5 stars
David Kessler, a 44 year-old American journalist, is in the Middle East capturing the life and conflicts in the Old City of Jerusalem with his camera, which many times must be kept hidden.  The repeated confiscation of his film has made him quite adept at switching to blank film to hand over in order to keep his photographs.
In this area of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, Kessler sees past the differences to befriend good people of all three religions.  It is this wisdom of the sameness in all people, despite religious beliefs, that makes his photos capture the essence of the people of the area.
Unfortunately, the Middle East situation remains the hotbed of conflict and power struggles today as it has for centuries, pulling Kessler and those he cares about, into its dangerous religiously driven net.

The author’s excellent characterizations and realistic dialogue gives readers a front row seat into a Middle East of which they may be unaware through an action driven, emotional, and true-to-life story, leaving them with an experience that they will remember long after finishing the book.