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A Stirring in the North Fork

By Mark Torres


Reviewed by Angie Mangino

Rating:  5 stars                                                                           


Pulling readers immediately into the story, the very first paragraph introduces Maria Cruz and quickly shares the tragedy that establishes empathy for her fate and desire to learn more.


“She lamented getting home far past her daughter’s bedtime. Things will be better now, she thought. As she approached her car, she fumbled for the keys in her purse. This distracted her from noticing the hulking figure rushing up behind her. A sharp blow to the back of her skull rendered her immediately unconscious.”


In a bold, but efficient switch to first person by the author, readers now get to know Savoy Graves in the second chapter, relating to him more personally as they begin the journey with him that leads to his pursuit of justice for Maria.


“I had it all…or at least I thought I did. Being accepted into the New York office of Powell & Mason, the world’s most prestigious law firm, with a cushy salary of $175,000 per year, had me beaming with thoughts of lavish lifestyle...It is September, 2009.”


How would Savoy get involved in the unsolved murder case of Maria? What part will Lola Cruz play in pursuit of justice for a mother she never knew? Who murdered Maria so brutally, and why? Why did this hardworking housekeeper’s murder become an unsolved cold case?


Excellent characterizations, sense of place, and realistic dialogue keep readers absorbed each step of the way to a satisfying conclusion.