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A Game of Proof
By Tim Vicary
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating: 5 stars
The story begins in a British courtroom where readers hear Sharon Gilbert called to the witness box.  Readers’ first meeting of Sarah Newby sees her at the barrister’s table and learn quickly how she is representing Gary Harker, accused of raping Sharon Gilbert.  The game of defending him based on establishing enough doubt to the prosecution’s evidence has begun.
Hooded Knifeman articles ran in the evening press, putting extra pressure on the police to find the guilty party.  Readers meet Detective Terry Bateson in chapter two.
“It was Terry who had charged Gary with rape; and as the officer investigating the murder of Maria Clayton and the attempted rape of Karen Whitaker, he suspected that Gary was guilty of these crimes too.”
Later on Sarah’s family joins the story, with twists and turns that have her personal life clashing with her professional one.
This first novel in the series “The Trials of Sarah Newby” stands firmly on its own as an independent novel with 44 chapters that keep readers involved, surprised, and engrossed on every page up to the very well done conclusion.
This reviewer found Vicary’s characterizations, dialogue, plot, and execution superb, decidedly earning this work a five star review!