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A Bitter Rose
By Annetta P. Lee
Reviewed by Angie Mangino * Rating: FIVE STARS
Family secrets haunt Anna Rose Harris, a bright, sensitive, black 14-year-old girl. She is forced to leave her small town in Mississippi in 1987 to live with a mother she barely knows in the inner city of Cleveland, Ohio.
Annetta P. Lee wrote a powerful story that reaches not just young readers, but has a message to adults, too. She was able to bring me into Anna's heart, seeing things as she did and then discovering what she discovered.
I found myself angry with her, afraid with her and able to cry with her as she searched for love and acceptance in her quest to know who she was.
Lee, an author who can elicit such empathy in the reader, bridging over age, race and religion, has done a tremendous job in "A Bitter Rose."