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3 Through History: Love in the Time of Republicans
By Ronald Fischman
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating:  2 stars
What this reviewer found most difficult was to relate to the characters of Rafi, Dimitri, and Frida.  The events in their lives generate interest to readers in the historical events occurring around them, but without a keen sense of what these events really mean to them, much is lost.
To write a story from two points of view requires skill.  To write one from three points of view requires exceptional skill, requiring strongly developed characterizations to make the reader believe one is hearing three different characters give their version of the story.  Reading what amounted to a diary of their lives in prose form, the story was difficult to follow as point of view jumped among the characters who recounted events, but very few compelling feelings.
While there were well-developed historical references throughout, decent dialogue, and a good turn of words, this reviewer could find no depth of characters, nor discover a story line that would propel readers to want to know more except for the significant historical references along the lives of the three.  The rendition of what they did during the years, however, in this reviewer’s opinion, did not hold any significance or emotional pull to have readers want more.
This has potential to share a meaningful story since there is a rivalry between Rafi and Dimitri over Frida set in a historically poignant time, but without the three fully developed, it is difficult to care about them or about what they do.